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What is "The History of Film"?

The History of Film is a podcast covering the breadth of international film history. Each episode of the show examines movies, film movements, filmmakers, technology and historical context that, combined, make up what we would call "film history." While the subject of the show is film, and so in that respect is fairly narrow, it also addresses film as it relates to other historical concepts and events; these include, international war and politics, art, civil rights and liberties, changing cultural perspectives, and more!

Who am I?

My name is Jake Aschieris, and thinking about movies is what I do. Film, for me, has been both beautiful and powerful, engaging to both my mind and my heart, showing me people, places, and ways of thinking and being that I could never have experienced any other way. To put it  simply: I love movies. They mean everything to me.

As far as credentials go, I have a bachelors degree in English Language and Literature from The University of Washington. I know that isn't directly related to film (I didn't find out just how important cinema would be to me until my Junior year of college), but it has been helpful in developing my research and writing skills. Those have allowed me to do my show, so there is that. I am currently applying to Graduate programs in cinema across the United States.

I have worked and volunteered at several different movie theaters across Seattle. Also, not to brag, I got employee of the month at AMC (impressive, I know).

Mostly, I am just like anyone who listens to this show. I have been deeply impressed by the moving image, and want to know more about it. Producing The History of Film gives me an opportunity to work creatively, and share that work with others.

I love samurai movies and classic dramas. My favorite food Is pork roast and mashed potatoes, I am married, and I have two cats. Over all, its a wonderful life.

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