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Episode 18: Heroines and Villains Every Week! Early U.S. Serial Film

This is a fairly helpful video I found just doing some looking around on the internet for serials.

Know up front that the footage in this prominently  features negative and harmful depictions of native peoples, which is harmful in much the same way black face, yellow face, and other racist stereotypes are. This causes real suffering to real people today. Also, it is written from a fairly sexist perspective. What is it does do a pretty good job of is describing typical plots for serial films, and shows their leads in action, which is vital to understanding why early film audiences found the genre so appealing. 

One thing that This video makes a big deal out of that I didn't in episode 18 is the "cliffhanger" endings of the serial episodes. The reason I didn't bring it up in the show is because many of the actual serial episode's I was able to find didn't have "cliffhangers." I decided that I will cover that information when we get to sound serials in the future.

Also, watermarks are dumb and I hate them. I even hate them when TCM or STARZ uses them. I will always hate them.

Columbia University's Women Film Pioneers Project
One of the most consistently helpful resources I have yet found for doing film history research.  

The Hazards of Helen (1914)
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